Kingsfold FAQ

Buying Sheet Music

Q: Do you sell octavos?

A: No. Kingsfold Music is run by Feargal King in person from a laptop! While this music is “technically” published by Kingsfold Music in the legal sense, we are not a publisher with printing presses, marketing departments, sales staff etc. While outsourcing printing octavos would be theoretically possible, it would be prohibitively expensive given our small sales volume and the work involved for one person. The miracles of modern technology and the internet make it possible to make this music available online in a manageable and convenient way for minimal expense.

Q: What do I get when I buy a song?

A: Basically, you are buying a license to own and use one or more copies of the music. I provide you with a digital copy all associated music files for free with any song license purchase. Your license allows you to make only a certain number of copies, whether just one for your own use or 50 or more for a choir. This is a good faith arrangement . . . so if a person buys a single copy license and then proceeds to make copies for a choir they are not only breaking the law and depriving the composer of his just living, but speaking volumes as to the quality of their own character – or lack thereof . . . so do the right thing!

Q: When will I receive the sheet music?

A: Thanks to our new e-commerce system, courtesy of E-junkie and PayPal, you will receive your Digital Octavo immediately after purchase. Simply click on the link provided and download.

Q: The title I am looking for is not available on the website – what should I do?

A: Contact me through the website and request it. If I have it already set up in a file I will send you a copy and give you instructions for license payment. If not, I may typeset it for you since if you are looking for it, others may want it too in the future.

Music Licensing

Q: What kind of licensing is best for me?

A: There are a variety of licensing options for different purposes, listed below. See the links to the left for further information.


Q: How long do licenses last for?

A: Single and Choral 50 licenses last for the life of the copies you make, for the time being. Music reproduced under the Unlimited License lasts for as long as the annual fee is kept current.

Q: What if a song is published by a major publisher or Kingsfold Music changes their licensing policy?

A: If a major publisher is assigned the copyright on one of our songs, any arrangement entered into before that date will remain valid, but no new licenses will be granted. If we change our current policy, any license agreed before the change is made will continue to be honored.

Dominican Magnificat

Q: What is the Dominican Magnificat and where does it come from?

A: Early in 1990 I was asked to consider writing a hymn to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Dedication of St. Mary’s Domincan Church on Pope’s Quay in cork, Ireland. That summer I was in Montauk, Long Island, NY on a student work visa, working as a cleaner at my cousin’s motel business, the Tipperary Inn. One night at his house I was noodling at his old beat up piano and the melody that is now the refrain of the Dominican Magnificat came to me, promptly to be scribbled on the back of a piece of notepaper. By then taking the motto of the Dominican Order, ‘Laudare, Praedicare, Benedicare’ to provide structure and combining it with the Magnificat, Mary’s song of praise, the song was born.

In subsequent years, it spread from house to house, community to community in the Order, primarily through the International Council of Domincan Youth, and became a regular fixture at conferences, Dominican gatherings, ordinations, professions, international pilgrimages and all manner of events. Some friends and I figured out between us once that we collectively knew of at least twenty languages into which it has been “unofficially” translated.

Q: Can it be used as the Magnificat at evening prayer?

A: Maybe! This hymn was never intended to be a liturgical magnificat, but is instead a hymn that draws from that text. You will need to decide for yourself, based on musical, liturgical and pastoral considerations, whether it is appropriate to substitute it for the official Magnificat text in your particular situation.

Q: Has the Dominican Magnificat been published?

A: St. Mary’s Priory Centre in Cork, Ireland, did an initial non-exclusive commemorative printing of the song in 1990, at the dawn of music typesetting by computer! It is also published in Ireland’s National Hymnal, ‘In Caelo’. Otherwise, it has remained unpublished, although I am open to it. In the meantime, Kingsfold Music is the primary source for licensing for the Dominican Magnificat.

Q: Why does the recorded version of the DM sound so different from the way it is usually heard?

A: The DM was originally intended to be on our first CD, ‘Sacred Gateways’, but efforts to make it work well in the art-form of recorded music had mixed (pun intended!) results. In the end it did not seem that it would rise to the bar set by other tracks on the collection so it was dropped for the time being. It just seemed to be too foursquare and, quite frankly, boring! It needed a dramatic buildup that did not seem to translate well to the recorded format.

As the second album ‘Incarnate’ was in development, I experimented with a gospel style on the DM, and lo and behold, it seemed to come together. That’s when we brought in gospel singer Elliott Wimbush, whose passionate improvised performance with Breda in the studio just made the whole thing soar! Believe it or not, although there were quite a few takes in the studio, most of Verse 2 and 3 are from one final, stellar take, including the vocalizations at the end. If it gives you goosebumps . . . well we had them too in the studio that day!

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