Choral and Instrumental Licenses

Sheet music of my liturgical compositions is available in the form of ‘Digital Octavos’, subject to licensing restrictions. You may purchase these HERE or by using the search engine on the left. As of January 2010, my licensing system has undergone major changes. There are now three choices, as follows:

Purchase of one copy of a song for personal purposes

If you just want to have a copy for your own use and do not need to make copies for a choir, etc., this is the way to go. For $3.49 (less than most music download sites) you will be e-mailed all existing files for the song you purchase, including instrumental parts, alongwith permission to make up to three copies. No music reproduction for choirs or institutions is permitted.

Choral 50 License (for choirs and institutions)

For $19.95 you may make up to 50 copies of one song, instrumental parts included, and use them for as long as you like. This license covers choral/instrumental use only - congregational licensing is handled by If you need more than 50 copies you will need to purchase more than one license for the same song.

Unlimited Annual License - AVAILABLE SOON!

If you think you will need reproduction licensing for more than two or three songs in my catalog, this is definitely the best value. For $59.95 you will be sent a username and password which will grant you access, for 12 months, to a page containing links to all files and songs in my available (and growing) catalog. This license also includes unlimited choral licensing for all of my compositions (for 12 months), as well as congregational licensing. I would ask, however, that you support my work by submitting returns for my music to if you use that service! If, at the end of 12 months, you decide to renew, the cost of renewal for another year will be only $29.95.

The Annual License is not yet available - please CONTACT me if you think you will be interested in this option.

A Reminder

Remember, these licenses are offered on good faith, and were developed based on 'customer demand' and experience. Please respect the limitations and don't reproduce copyright-protected music thoughtlessly. Support the work that I and others do so that there will be a future for liturgical music in the Catholic Church. The more you can support my ministry, the less time I have to spend doing work that keeps me away from composing new music! Thank you!

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