Workshops and Events

Workshops and Clinics

Feargal King, and his wife Breda King, are available to come to parishes, schools, and organizations to work with liturgical ministers, musicians, educators and parishioners in your area. Consider a skills workshop for Lectors, a singing master class for cantors, a Liturgy 101 session for your school teachers, or a day long ministry retreat for your choir. You decide - we will work with you. Fees vary depending on the time and type of event, and are negotiable. Travel and lodging expenses, if applicable, are additional to the booking fee.

Feargal and Breda King are both professionally trained liturgists and musicians and both have more than 20 years experience in the field of ministry and liturgy. While they are available separately, the most fun is when they can take a ‘tag-team’ approach and use their different perspectives and gifts together, providing an even richer and more inspiring workshop or retreat experience.

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Liturgy and Ministry Workshops

There are few topics that Feargal and Breda cannot handle between them and they will work with you to tailor a workshop to your particular needs and circumstances. Workshops can be all day or just an evening. Here are some examples of past workshops and clinics that they have presented:

Ministry Retreats

Liturgy is "The Work Of The People" (‘Leitourgia’). Sometimes the grind and effort of that weekly routine can lead to a loss of perspective. Every now and then ministers need to step back and remember why and for whom they work so hard. A ministry retreat is essentially a workshop that emphasizes prayer and spirituality more than education and practical content. By helping ministers refocus on the faith and prayer aspects of ministry they can be renewed and re-energized and re-enthused in their chosen ministry. Sometimes this is best accomplished by someone from outside who is not part of the Parish organization.


Have Feargal and Breda King come to your Parish and present a concert of their music. Involve your choirs and music ministries, including your children's and youth choirs (a sure way to guarantee an audience!) A concert can also be done in tandem with a workshop day or retreat, and can be a good fundraiser for your Parish. Audiences love the the power and prayerfulness (and fun) of Feargal's music combined with Breda's soaring singing voice.

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